The BCCDC Foundation congratulates Dr. Jennifer Gardy on receiving the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research (MSFHR) Scholar Award for her work with non-tuberculous mycobacterial infections (NTMs) and tuberculosis (TB) on the BRIDGE-MTB project.  Dr. Gardy’s innovative work has created a new field of research – genomic epidemiology – which has helped to advance the study of why and how TB outbreaks occur.

We are grateful to have Dr. Gardy as an advisor to the Foundation as she brings her expertise in research and dedication to improving public health to the Board.  Additionally, Dr. Gardy is a member of the liaison team that works to align the goals of the BCCDC and the BCCDC Foundation. The BRIDGE-MTB project hopes to change the way we treat and prevent TB and NTMs in BC.  It is this type of cutting-edge research that the Foundation looks to support. We look forward to seeing how the findings of this project improve the diagnosis, control, and prevention of TB and NTMs, as well as the projects that with consequently develop from the research.

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