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Your Health, Our Commitment

Public health in BC matters to us all, touching every one of our lives and every corner of our province, and protecting us from some of the biggest crises of our times. Your Health, Our Commitment supports awareness of and education about public health, and why it matters to you, your loved ones, and everyone in BC. 

Your Health, Our Commitment focuses on strengthening public health, preparing for new challenges to the health of our communities, and fostering applied research that actively translates solutions into tangible ways for us all to live better lives. Through our strong and established public health partnerships, collaborative efforts, and shared responsibility, we’re able to develop a comprehensive and coordinated approach, addressing complex public health challenges, efficiently pooling resources, leveraging diverse expertise, and collectively promoting and safeguarding community well-being.

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Together We Act

Together We Act is a public health campaign that funds multiple projects and initiatives aimed at taking action on the toxic drug poisoning crisis through innovative solutions, flexible and bold policies, and collaboration across communities, governments, and healthcare. 

In the seven years since this crisis was declared a public health emergency in 2016, more than 13,000 people have died from drug poisoning. By focusing on prevention and long-term, upstream solutions, we can reduce harm, reduce risk, and save lives now.

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Projects We’re Delivering Right Now

With a wide range of projects in communities across BC, we’re improving public health every day.

  • Wastewater Surveillance Research

    Surveillance project pivots from pandemic challenges to toxic drug poisoning crisis.

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  • Kloshe Nanitch Bundles

    Working together to promote Indigenous health.

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  • Test, Link, Call

    New possibilities in advancing public health equity.

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  • Youth Mental Health

    Helping growing numbers of youth achieve positive mental health and thrive.

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  • Climate Crisis

    Taking action to address additional barriers and inequities created by the harmful effects of climate change.

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  • Safer Supply

    A proactive response to the ongoing toxic drug poisoning crisis.

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