Are you a faculty member at the BCCDC/BCPHL with a new research question that you’d like to pilot to see if it can be developed further, or have a small scale research project, or a knowledge translation project; are you looking to help fund a workshop or for travel funding? If so, you’re in luck; the BCCDC Foundation Open Awards Program (OAP) competition for Fall 2017 is now open, and we’ve made some changes to the terms of reference to make the programs more flexible and better reflect the needs of BCCDC.

The objective of BCCDC Foundation open award programs is to help enhance the research enterprise at BCCDC. We offer three types of funding opportunity: i) money for blue sky, discovery, or pilot grants; ii) workshop and team-building grants, to bring colleagues together either for the exchange and discussion of new research and/or its translation into new policy/practice or to help in generation of research teams; iii) research travel awards for investigators to learn new techniques, exchange research information and prepare material for publication.

The deadline for applications is October 2nd, 2017 and is open only to faculty members of BCCDC/BCPHL.

If you are BCCDC/BCPHL faculty, please check your inboxes for a recent email containing Application Forms and Terms of Reference.

To learn more about the projects funded by the OAP by the BCCDC Foundation, please search this blog for the tag “OAP”

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