We find ourselves thanking the Tarry family of Surrey, BC, a lot, but rightly so! On May 1st, the Tarry’s held their third BC Stay-at-Home Campout, raising an additional $685 for our Emergency Response Fund, for a total of nearly $5,500 over the three campouts!

Not only did the three events raise money for the BCCDC Foundation, but in doing so, the Tarry’s also spread an important public health message—encouraging British Columbians to stay safe from COVID-19 by staying home.

Plus, the Tarry’s made staying home fun. Like last year’s events, ‘campers’ made the night their own by pitching tents in their backyards, balconies, and living rooms. Some enjoyed BBQs and s’mores; others enjoyed indoor movie nights or an outdoor bonfire.

“With COVID numbers so high, it’s good to feel like we are contributing again,” said Campout organizer, Kelly Tarry to Peach Arch News.

CBC News BC and CBC’s Early Edition invited our Executive Director Kristy Kerr and Campout organizer Kelly Tarry to do a radio interview with Michelle Elliot:

“The work Kelly and her family are doing around this very creative solution to raise some dollars, but also get the community involved, really spoke to us and we’re really grateful to Kelly and her family for doing it last year and for doing it again this year.”

Kristy Kerr, Executive Director, BCCDC Foundation for Public Health

So, once again, we find ourselves extending a huge thank you to the Tarry family for taking the time to create these fun events and for encouraging British Columbians to stay safe by staying home, while also supporting our COVID-19 response efforts that are helping to address the pandemic in BC.

Finally, we can’t forget to thank the over 175 participants all across BC who joined one, two, or all three of the campouts!

We hope the Tarry’s have inspired British Columbians to continue to find innovative (and fun!) ways to stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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