Today we’d like to celebrate our monthly donors. By contributing mere dollars a day year-round, these donors are making such an impact and playing a vital role. Every dollar truly does make a difference! 

Perhaps you might have wondered about becoming a monthly donor and how that makes a difference, especially for public health. These recurring contributions are important in several ways.

Stable and Predictable Revenue

Monthly donations provide a steady and predictable stream of income. This financial stability is a game-changer for non-profits like us, as we fill an important niche in the landscape of public health. This funding allows us to plan and prioritize — ensuring we have the resources to tackle ongoing projects or sudden emergencies, like disease outbreaks or new, unforeseen challenges that affect the health of communities across BC. Unlike one-time donations, which are still very important but aren’t as predictable — regular contributions create a solid financial foundation that we can rely on, allowing us to pivot to what really matters, when it matters most.

Continuous Impact

Public health initiatives often require ongoing efforts to really make a difference. For example, vaccination campaigns, health education programs, or managing chronic disease — they all need long-term commitment and resources. Monthly support means programs like these can operate over time and adapt to match pace with changing needs. This consistent support is key to making public health interventions more effective and far-reaching, working upstream to ensure that we are always looking ahead to protect and improve the health and wellness of our populations, and the people and families that are part of them.

Efficient Use of Resources

While individual contributions may seem small, the collective power of monthly donors can drive meaningful change and help charities make a lasting impact on the causes they serve. When non-profits like ours have predictable income to rely on, we can work smarter internally and allocate funds more efficiently — just like any good business model, the better we use our resources, the more funds we have available to invest in our programs. This efficiency means that every dollar you donate goes further, directly enhancing our ability to improve public health outcomes. Plus, when you become a monthly donor, we spend less time and money asking for your support, focusing instead on sharing the impact that you are having.

To all our monthly donors, thank you! For those of you who might be thinking about this giving option, we truly appreciate it. You will be providing so much more than a donation. You will be helping us to create lasting change by tackling the underlying determinants of health that drive inequities, supporting us to work proactively to address root causes and prevent health issues before they occur.

We believe that investing in public health is an investment in the well-being of people and communities across our province now, and well into the future. Monthly contributions are an indispensable part of shaping that future. We hope you will agree. Thank you.

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