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The BCCDF Foundation for Public Health teamed up with Science World to host a murder mystery event for Halloween 2018!

Attendees were tasked with using science to solve the crime. they had just two hours to identify the killer, poison, how the poison was administered, and the motive.

“It is so much fun to see how enthusiastic attendees are to have access to our BCCDC folks and to use real science to solve a mystery, ” said Kristy Kerr, Executive Director of the BCCDC Foundation for Public Health. “I am thankful for our partnership with Science World and everyone who volunteers because it allows us to share that”

The event was set at a sci-fi fan convention and the BCCDC was there to warn attendees of something known as ConCrud, which is what happens when you pick up an infection or illness at a convention.

“Our partnership with Science World continues to produce rewarding and entertaining events, “said Dr. Mark Tyndall, Executive Medical Director of the BCCDC. “It is a great way to showcase the things that we do in a way that is easy to understand” These events provide unparalleled access to our science and the people who do the work. I am grateful to the BCCDC staff who participate and to the BCCDC Foundation for Public Health for their dedication to raising awareness about our work and public health.”

By participating in activities at the booths, participants could earn clues to help solve the mystery. Keenan Simmons, who attended the event with a group of about 10 friends, found it challenging. “You never know who [the killer] is, you’re not confident in your answer,” he said.

Julianne Beauchamp, another attendee and part o the same group as Simmons, was certain about the substance she identified as the poison. “It can kill you by injecting, touching or ingesting so there’s lots of ways he could have died,” she said.

About 1,200 people attended over the two-night event, held October 25 and 26. Some fans got right into the Halloween spirit and dressed up in costumes or as their favourite sci-fi characters.  “It was super fun I will come back next year,” said Beauchamp.

Murdercon 2018 -3


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