We’re proud to announce that the BCCDC Foundation is partnering with LifeLabs from August to October, 2019 on an anti-stigma campaign.

We’re partnering together to promote and bring awareness to the effects that stigma can have on people who use drugs and within the context of the overdose crisis. Stigma is having direct and negative impacts on health outcomes of people who use drugs. As provincial health leaders, our partnership aims to educate the population about the overdose crisis and stigma in order to improve the overall health of BC and improve individual health outcomes.

Visit LifeLabs’ patient service centres from August to October to learn more about the overdose crisis, stigma, and how you can make a positive difference. Also check out the BCCDC Foundation’s overdose crisis resource page for infographics and more information.

You can follow the BCCDC Foundation on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and LifeLabs on Facebook and Twitter for updates, information, and resources. Interested in how you can help? Check out our priorities page.

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