Making healthy choices like healthy eating is bigger than your individual health–it can inspire others and lead to a healthier population too–and we want to help activate health in your community.

We know you are very busy and eating healthy can be pricey sometimes, so we’ve made the first step to healthy eating for you. We’ve partnered with Vancouver local Fresh Prep and offer our supporters a code to access 3 free plates when you sign up! (expired Dec 31, 2019)

As a bonus, for every new customer Fresh Prep will donate $5 to the BCCDC Foundation. Now you can be a healthier human while helping the BCCDC Foundation contribute to future healthy projects for your community!

Wondering what this has to do with population health?

  • Healthy eating promotes health across the lifespan, and is protective against chronic diseases
  • Healthy eating also contributes to the health of families and communities
  • Our busy lives contribute to poorer food choices as fast food and packaged meals become the go-to; and there is a downward trend in fruit and veggie consumption in BC–Fresh Prep offers a solution to the ‘fast-food’ problem
  • Having exactly what you need delivered means less food waste
  • Quick and easy recipes mean more time with your friends or family
  • Cooking and eating with friends or family improves togetherness, which is also health promoting
  • Lots of options might break you out of a food-rut, and this is a great way to learn to cook healthy and fresh meals
  • Local, fresh, healthy food, sustainably and ethically sourced, is great news for you AND the environment
  • Nutritious, safe and sustainable food is an aspect of improving food security
  • Supporting companies who work towards sustainable practices is important
  • Every donation helps the BCCDC Foundation support important public health activities.

Sign up for our newsletter and we’ll give you a discount code for three FREE plates when you signup for Fresh Prep’s meal kit delivery service. Subscribe to our newsletter now and check the confirmation email for your code. Be a health ambassador and activate health in your community! (OFFER expired Dec 31, 2019)

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