Our Emergency Response Fund is supporting critical research at the BC Centre for Disease Control that will keep British Columbians safe from COVID-19. One of the first key projects our donors helped support was the BC COVID-19 SPEAK Survey: Your Story, Our Future.

After months of work and collaborative efforts of many in BC, we are proud and excited to be able to introduce a new, interactive dashboard of the survey results that puts the data in the hands of all British Columbians! 

The data included in the dashboard not only offers evidence of how COVID-19 is impacting people in all corners of BC, but it also gives us a tool to understand and measure what is happening at the regional and community levels.

This is ground-breaking work that helps public health leaders at the BCCDC and across the province better protect all British Columbians.

“We’ve built this dashboard as a tool not only for public health experts and leaders across BC, but also for all British Columbians to be able to access the ​data, see what’s happening in their communities, and understand the experiences of British Columbians. This is your dashboard—your information that almost 400,000 of you generously provided to help us better understand how you and your community are doing during this pandemic. We’re thrilled to be able to share this pivotal achievement with you.”​

Dr. Réka Gustafson, Vice President, Public Health and Wellness and Deputy Provincial Health Officer

This interactive dashboard is a component of a comprehensive three-phased research project, “BC’s COVID-19 Response: Your Health, Our Future,” to help public health experts and leaders across the province better understand COVID-19 and public health measures, and prepare for and prevent spread of the virus.

You can view the data through the dashboard, or if you want to do your own analysis, there is an excel spreadsheet available of the raw data. Anyone can really dig into it this way!

The first phase of the project was the population health survey that was administered to British Columbians in May of this year (perhaps you completed it!): the BC COVID-19 SPEAK Survey: Your Story, Our Future.

Nearly 400,000 British Columbians participated, providing key information that is informing action and decisions to protect us all.

“The results from the population health survey indicate that overall British Columbians have been very compliant with the measures in place and have adopted good personal preventive practices to limit exposure and spread of COVID-19. However, the results also reveal that these measures are having adverse consequences for British Columbians.”

Dr Jat Sandhu, Consultant in Epidemiology and Population Health Management, BCCDC

Some key results include:

This information, dashboard, and analysis couldn’t have been possible without the support of over 1,000 people who donated to our Emergency Response Fund.

We, and our colleagues at the BCCDC, are deeply grateful for everyone’s support in making this possible.

“The survey and dashboard are the result of the dedicated efforts of researchers, experts, the public, and our donors and show what happens when we all work together to address a public health emergency. I couldn’t be more proud of and grateful to everyone who has played a role. But we’re not done yet. Continuing to support this kind of research and evidence is even more critical now, and it is what will get us through this global pandemic.”

Kristy Kerr, Executive Director, BCCDC Foundation for Public Health

The BCCDC Foundation has a history of taking on initiatives that leverage the government’s leadership role in health care delivery by supporting public health research, programs, and initiatives. Our Emergency Response Fund is a large, collaborative effort to address the COVID-19 public health emergency, and with your support we can help more people, faster.

If you would like to make a significant contribution to ensure BC is on the cutting-edge of COVID-19 response and research, please contact us at donate@bccdcfoundation.org.

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