To kick off the start of a new decade, we launched a mini-campaign on our Instagram called 20x20x20. The concept was simple: in honor of 2020, for 20 days, we listed 20 ways for you to #ActivateHealth.

Activate Health is our battle cry for British Columbians. We’re changing the conversation about what health is and means, and flipping it on its head. Instead of sickness, injury, marginalization, risk, and pain we’re focusing on the positive. Healthy. Safe. Supported. Protected. Secure. Happy.

We want to protect the health of our communities now and for future generations, keeping us well from Day 1, rather than constantly chasing after treatments and cures. Prevention is the cure.

Our list of 20 tips and calls to action included simple steps like the following:

Six examples of the campaign images, with a pink rectangle and "Activate Health" logo in the middle.

You can head over to our Instagram page to see them all.

This was just the first step, but we hope we got you thinking about how we can protect ourselves and our community by shifting how we define and achieve “health”. Let’s use this as our battle cry and change the system together.

We have a lot more lined up to Activate Health in 2020, both online and offline. Stay tuned!

Join us in our battle cry

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