“What is health?”

Co-hosts Gillian McCormick and Susannah Steers started the Small Conversations for a Better World Podcast where they invite experts, thought-leaders, and influencers to answer this very question.

BCCDC Foundation’s ED, Kristy Kerr, on the Small Conversations for a Better World Podcast

Recently, our ED, Kristy Kerr, was invited to talk about the social determinants of health—to discuss the importance of understanding and addressing health inequities in our society.

From health equity, to prevention, to health promotion, and more, Kristy talks about these concepts, as well as the interesting story that led her into the field of public health, her time in Zambia and Kenya working with local stakeholders on various community-based initiatives, and the important work the BCCDC Foundation for Public Health is invested in.

Finally, of course, Gillian and Susannah didn’t let Kristy go without first answering: “What is health?”

We invite you to take a listen and share this episode with your friends!

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