Did you know–that gifts to the BCCDC Foundation have the potential to fund the first solution to BC’s next emerging public health issue? Whether it’s responding to an environmental health hazard, addressing a communicable disease outbreak, or preventing chronic disease through new discoveries, donations to the Driving Innovation Fund are building the BCCDC Foundation’s capacity, and support our ability to respond quickly. 

Last weekend held a small but mighty convergence of Team BCCDC Foundation, and what can we say but THANK YOU! Thank you to our dedicated runners in the Scotiabank 5K and Half Marathon who invested their time and energy; they came out on a cloudy Sunday morning, gave it their all, and had such a fun time doing it.

Some of the 2019 Team BCCDC Foundation runners

Thank you to all those who donated to support Team BCCDC Foundation runners; we raised $3,150 to support public health solutions in BC. Your personal generosity was inspiring and was the wind beneath our runners’ winged feet!

Thank you to the organizers of the Scotiabank 5K and Half Marathon who made participating and fundraising easy, and by making us one of their official charity partners, allowed us to have a successful first public fundraising event.

Waiting for the start of the Scotiabank 5K!

All gifts made as part of our Scotiabank run fundraising will support our Driving Innovation Fund. The Driving Innovation Fund is our signature fund that can provide quick and flexible funding when its needed the most. It helps us advance the state of the art and improve not just your health, but the health of British Columbia. While our other priority areas–reducing harms and addressing threats–support health solutions to critical issues that we know of today, we’re growing the Driving Innovation Fund to be able to respond to issues we see ahead or that we’re not yet aware of, that could emerge tomorrow.

To join our amazing group of donors and to make your impact, you can donate here to the Driving Innovation Fund or one of our other priority areas. Or to keep up to date with all the things we’re doing to improve public health in BC, subscribe to our newsletter. And don’t forget to follow us on social media!

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