We’re thrilled to announce that because of the help of over 680 amazing donors, we’ve raised over $320,000 for our Emergency Response Fund in just a few weeks! That means we’re 98% of the way to our first goal of $325,000. These donations are going to support real-time research on COVID-19 in British Columbia that will protect our entire population.

What your donations are funding

As our provincial leader for outbreak response, population health, prevention, and so much more, the BCCDC exists to keep our population safe and healthy year-round. When a public health emergency like COVID-19 arises, BCCDC’s public health experts—epidemiologists, medical doctors, virologists and microbiologists, lab and data technicians, and many others—take action immediately to protect the population.

Your donations are helping to fund critically important, rapid-response research that will help keep us safe. This funding will allow experts to assess BC’s COVID-19 pandemic response at a population level, by specifically investigating the efficacy and acceptability of current public health measures and directives, assessing the true extent of infections, immunity, and the susceptibility of BC’s population to COVID-19, and importantly planning for future waves and outbreaks to ensure the best systems are in place in advance.

In essence, the questions that this work will start to ask are:

  • What are the risk perceptions, acceptability of measures, and broader impacts for the public?
  • What does the susceptibility and immunity to COVID-19 look like in BC?
  • Which evidence-based strategies are needed for enhanced surveillance?
  • What evidence and strategy do we need now to prepare for future waves, so we can act swiftly in the future?
  • How do we best inform ongoing public health and prevention measures?

This comprehensive approach will not only help us understand COVID-19 in BC right now, it will help to create evidence-driven plans to prepare and strengthen our public health response that will serve us now and in the future. It will help protect more British Columbians faster, and for longer.

The donations you’ve provided will get this work started. But we know that we still need to build on and generate new evidence around COVID-19 and how to protect more British Columbians. We’ve increased our target to $500,000 to support the BCCDC’s ongoing work. If you haven’t yet already, we ask you to join the hundreds of others and donate to make this work possible today:

As the work develops, we’ll continue to share updates on the progress and needs of our public health experts. This is just the beginning, and we’re just getting started. We hope you’ll continue to follow this journey and support this work.

“We’re so grateful for the outstanding support of British Columbians, coming together to protect our community and support our public health experts at the BCCDC.”

– Cathy Daminato, Chair of BCCDC Foundation

Thank you on behalf of the Foundation and the BCCDC for your collective generosity and support. The amazing messages of thanks, well wishes, and kindness have been so moving to our team. Those messages, in a time when everything is uncertain and anxieties are high, are what keep us going. Thank you for that and for protecting our population.

Diverse partners

We’ve seen incredible support from businesses, unions, other foundations, and individuals. From independent makers of scrunchies and apparel, to tech companies supporting remote work like Teradici, to media giants like Postmedia, and so many more, the support from our private sector partners has been absolutely overwhelming. If you would like to discuss how your company can get involved and help lead the response to COVID-19 in BC, please contact us at donate@bccdcfoundation.org or (604) 707-2635.

Other ways to donate

Online through our website
Over the phone, contact us at (604) 707-2635

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