The BCCDC Foundation recently collaborated with Science World and the scientists and experts of the BC Centre for Disease Control and Public Health Labs to offer an educational and fun evening trying to solve a murder mystery, for the third October in a row!

This year’s event featured a capitalist with a time machine, bringing historic public figures into 2019. As well as being fun and funny, the format allowed attendees to learn how different infectious diseases are transmitted and how outbreaks are solved, as well as scientific breakthroughs that have brought us to our present day medical advancements.

Science Clues everywhere, if you know where to look!

The sold –out event held on October 18th was a great way to inform the public of the work that the CDC does for the people of BC. By visiting clue booths staffed by actual CDC/Labs employees, attendees participated in activities that resulted in learning about things like what lab techs look for in a blood test to identify pathogens; how genome sequencing of a disease can track its spread and how other medical/scientific clues like insect bites can help epidemiologists identify what they might be dealing with.

In addition to the “clue” booths, many of the other programs at the CDC had info booths to help raise the profile of the work done at the BC Centre for Disease Control. Staff from TB, Hepatitis, STI clinic, Community Antimicrobial Stewardship and Harm Reduction, as well as the BCCDC Foundation team, were all present to share activities, treats and info with the 800 attendees.

Science and fun collide!

These events wouldn’t happen without all the dedicated volunteers, so a big shout out to everyone who poured their hearts and brains into this event! If you want to ensure you know about events like this, and other activities, sign up for our newsletter and follow us @bccdcfoundation on social media.

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