The leaves are dropping, the days are shorter, and the temperatures are falling—Giving Tuesday must be right around the corner! On November 30th, we’re looking forward to participating in Giving Tuesday, and hope you are too!

First, a little history: Giving Tuesday began in response to the incredible amounts of spending that occur from Black Friday through Cyber Monday. It was an idea that has evolved into an international movement to promote charitable giving, and encourages us to take a moment to consider how we’re spending our hard-earned dollars. 

It’s a day for us to think, “How can I make a positive difference in my community?” 

And if there’s anything we learned from the past nearly two years of living with COVID-19, it’s this: when we come together as a community, incredible things can happen.

Just take our vaccination rate—over 86% of people over 12 years old in British Columbia are fully vaccinated, one of the highest in the country. And that’s certainly something we should be proud of, because it’s who we are as British Columbians—we do what’s right, we care for each other’s wellbeing, and we give back.

We’re proud to have been one of the first charities in Canada to set up an Emergency Response Fund for COVID-19 and our supporters since have never ceased to amaze us. Take 5-year-old Isaac Thorold, who raised $162 for our Emergency Response Fund by selling his artwork to “help the doctors stop the coronavirus.”

Isaac Thorold sells his artwork to “help the doctor stop the coronavirus”
Isaac Thorold “fulfilling” his online orders

From simply giving through our website, to holding fundraisers, organizing campouts, donating poker winnings, and more, we could go on and on sharing all the ways British Columbians (of all ages!) have found a way to support our Emergency Response Fund.

And this Giving Tuesday, we’re asking if you would do the same: give.

Give because you want to put this pandemic behind us once and for all.
Give because you care for your fellow British Columbians.
Give because it’s who you are.

And give because you believe in what we do.

Our work in public health is nowhere near complete. Your donation to our Emergency Response Fund will help us focus on addressing the current pandemic, as well as transitioning our thinking around public health to a broader view—one that places public health research, programs, policy, awareness, and capacity at the forefront.

Your gift to our Emergency Response Fund will help us remain focused on COVID-19 response and prevention, while at the same time shifting toward pandemic recovery, proactive planning, and learning, to ensure that we help keep the population of British Columbia safe and healthy through the next months and well beyond.

Whether it’s $5, $50, $500, or $5,000, every dollar counts. And every dollar helps put this pandemic behind us, so we can move on.

Please consider donating to our Emergency Response Fund this Giving Tuesday, and join the millions of Canadians across the country who will be participating in this day of giving back too.

You’re busy, and we’re busy too. We get it. Even the most important things can easily slip our minds at times, so to ensure you don’t forget on the 30th, click below and make your Giving Tuesday contribution to our Emergency Response Fund today.

Without you, we couldn’t do this important work of helping to keep British Columbians like yourself, and those you most cherish, safe and healthy. We thank you in advance for your kindness and generosity this Giving Tuesday.

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